The Definition Of Culture

Have you ever wondered what actually the culture means? What it is and how does it work? What is the definition of culture? Many would agree that the exact definition of culture would be the knowledge and characteristics of one group of people that share the same arts, music, social habits, cuisine, religion, language and region they live in.

If you go even further, you could define culture as the patterns of understanding, cognitive construct, interactions and behaviors that are shared among the members of one society. And these patterns are possible due to socialization. Socialization is nothing more but a group of people coming together because they all share many things that they have in common.

It is the growth of a group identity and this identity leads to fostering of unique social patterns that are characteristic for that particular group. One culture encompasses behavior, beliefs, music and tradition, customs, language, food and religion among many other things. What is sacred to one culture is not to the other.

The word culture comes from French language but the root of the word comes from the Latin. Basically, it means to grow and tend to the earth, to nurture and cultivate. The word culture shares its etymology with a very large number of words that are all related to actively fostering growth. There are no two cultures in this world that are the same. Each is unique and bound to the region it thrives upon.

The change is constant

Definition Of CultureNo matter where the people come from or what their culture is, it is almost certain that their culture will change with time. Better yet, it will get enhanced and upgraded with each passing generation. In our world of so many ethnically diverse societies, the culture is the one thing that connects us all. It is exactly that connection that is the reason for many good and bad things.

All conflicts associated with ethical beliefs, ethnicity, politics, and religion, come from that connection. When you have so many differences, it is almost impossible not to have all sorts of conflicts. It is simple as that. As long as there are different elements that make one culture what it is, there will be conflicts. We know so far that the culture was never fixed. It is always evolving, changing, constantly in motion and it is essentially fluid.

That is exactly why it is so difficult to define it in only one way. In order to answer a mystery such is culture, one must study all its aspects, not just narrowing it down to one view. The world around is also constantly in motion, constantly changing and evolving. So, with that in mind, we can make a conclusion that the change is simply inevitable. There is no stopping it. Still, this does not mean that we should not look back anymore, no, on the contrary. Past should always be preserved and respected. The past has the necessary answers.

The Connection Between Culture And Society

To the uneducated man, culture and society might seem as the same thing. Even though they are connected and intertwined, they are hardly the same thing. It is true that one cannot exist without the other. There are some differences that make them differ greatly. We can see culture as a tradition that tends to create continuity and cohesion among people that find it mutual.

The culture had a lot of different interpretations throughout history and it still has different meanings even today. Many experts and sociologists think and share the opinion that culture is the traits of beliefs, values and behavior of one population. On the other hand, society can be viewed as a bigger social group that has some kind of cooperation and an organized sense of being related to one another in a particular way.

It is that sense of relationship that makes each person of one society feel that they belong there. The sum of people and their interactions must be taken into account if we want to answer what society and sociology are. And it is now completely safe to make an assumption that the relationship between culture and society is absolutely present and existing.

Culture is a part of every society

SocietyIn fact, the culture directly affects society because it affects how the people react to changes and ideas. It is like the society is what we see on the outside whereas the culture is what we see on the inside. Now, many common people simply believe that the culture is just a way how people lead and manage their lives. It should contain arts, social norms and standards, social system, technology, religion and, most importantly, education.

Society, according to what we know so far, is any group of people who tend to share the same region, biological and cultural characteristics and have the same system of behavior and action. One society must be able to be self sufficient in order to continue existing while the culture exists beyond the term of sufficiency.

Therefore, society cannot separate from its own culture simply because the culture makes it what it is. Both the culture and society are the terms which are all so overwhelming and encompassing to explain in simple words. We all know who we are and where do we come from. That is what definitely defines us.

How Culture Affects Society

How Culture Affects Society

This topic has been an object of interest since the beginning of the civilization and it is one of the most important topics of today studies all around the world. Scientist, various experts and specialist are all banging their heads in order to get the best possible answer which could shed some light on a question that has been bothering them.

They want to answer how exactly one culture can affect our modern society. We know for sure that culture is a part of society, it is what makes society what it is or what we know society is. It is a part of our lives and culture defines one nation as it is. Also, the combination of one culture and society that it belongs to is what makes one country and nation that resides in that country.

The ethnicity and culture make one people belong to a certain region. When you have ethnicity and culture, you get society. Now let us dwell deeper into the subject and try to define what culture actually is. Culture is a set of customs and beliefs that belong to a particular society. The society is a group of people that share the same place of residing at the same time.

These people have a certain innate behavior, or if you prefer, they tend to behave or conduct themselves according to the customs, beliefs, and region they live in. You cannot find two people that are completely the same in this world, not a chance.

Culture is what defines society

So, it is a culture of each people that makes it unique. With this in mind, it is safe to say that culture is what makes one nation unique. If you see things globally, a culture and a sense of society are what make us human. It is our way of life, thinking and believing that makes us what we are. So a culture defines one society in its very form.
There are some notions that literature, culture and society are all intertwined. In fact, literature helps us to understand the connection between these two. It is all in attempt to reconnect the studies from all three fields and realize the importance that comes from it. It can provide a real and critical overview of theoretical approaches that are dealing with exploring both culture and society. It is a fascinating study.